October 17, 2019

India’s decision to change status quo in Kashmir must be addressed, says US senator

US Republican Senator Lindsay Graham and Foreign Secretary Shah Mahmoud Qureshi talked about the “upgrade of the Kashmir crisis” and expressed optimism that the Trump administration will help cope with the current crisis.

“We have just discussed the growing crisis in Kashmir with the Pakistani Foreign Minister. India’s view of changing the situation should change before further crises,” a senior Senate said on Twitter late Wednesday.

“We hope that the Trump administration will provide assistance to Pakistan and India to find ways to solve the problems that have already been encountered.

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Graham’s comments echoed the actions taken by New Delhi to the Kashmiri government after Pakistan’s idea of ​​reducing international relations with India and ending international trade.

The National Security Council (NSC), the world’s largest security organization, held meetings on Wednesday for three days and told the military to remain vigilant. The committee met on Sunday, the day before India announced Article 370 to give Kashmir independence and ordered the entire valley to be divided into Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir.

US President Donald Trump, who wants to participate in the Kashmir War, has been shot in India and has not yet explained what is going on in the region.

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In a statement on July 22, President Trump stated that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked him to end the dispute over Kashmir. Although India refused to ask him to do so, Mr. Trump also said what happened last week and said that if both countries question him, he is willing to compromise.

Prime Minister Imran said in a message to India condemning “new hostilities” last week that Pakistan is open.

“President Trump is committed to standing in Kashmir. It is time to do so because the new violence committed by Los Angeles and Indian security forces has become worse,” the minister said. “These are likely to bring us Regional issues.”

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