October 17, 2019

Pakistan to take India’s move to annex occupied Kashmir to UN Security Council: Qureshi

Foreign Minister Sham Muhammad announced on Thursday that Pakistan will adopt an Indian approach to restore Kashmir’s special status in the UN Security Council.

He told reporters in Islamabad that the decision was made in a poll conducted in Kashmir before the UN presidential election. The minister said that Pakistan rejected New Delhi’s proposal to make Article 370 of the Indian Constitution “internal affairs”, saying that its historical, legal and cultural claims are wrong.

He also questioned India’s claim that changes in the legal system should play a role in the development of the Kashmiri and want to know what is preventing New Delhi from adopting it, because Article 370 was enshrined in the Indian Constitution 70 years ago.

Noting that the 900,000 soldiers captured in Kashmir, he asked the Indian government whether he would turn the area into a “prison” might be one of his main remedies.

Qureshi refused India’s claim that Kashmir’s move was an internal matter. He said that former Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru has declared “at least countless times” to make at least 14 promises: “The future of Kashmir will ultimately be the favor and goodwill of its people. Decide.”

“The goodwill and excitement of this (India) parliament is not a priority in this regard,” the Prime Minister quoted Nehru as saying.

Nehru said in an interview in 1947: “We have announced that what happens in Kashmir must be decided by the people. We will not, nor will we.”

According to Qureshi, Nehru once told the Indian church, “Once peace and order are established, Kashmir should choose to replace a series of cases or referendums in the UN foreign elections.”

“If the Kashmiri people don’t want to be with us, let them do what we want. We won’t stop them from doing what they want. No matter how painful. I want to emphasize that the people of Kashmir can decide the future of Kashmir.” The Ministry quoted the former Prime Minister as saying India.

Today, when meeting with the European Union’s executive representative, the Federal Reserve (Fed America Mogherini), Qureshi said that India, not Pakistan, is negotiating to avoid the crisis in Kashmir.

The ministry called it “fake news”, saying that Pakistan has closed its airlines due to recent clashes with India.

Qureshi further explained that Pakistan is committed to the construction of the Kartarpur Corridor, which will connect Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in the Kartarpur area of ​​Narowal District with Dera Baba Nanak in Gurdaspur, India.

“We respect all religions and don’t want to be an obstacle in the communication process,” he said, urging Sikhs in India to consult their government if they want to do the job.

He also changed the view that Pakistan’s suspension of trade with India would jeopardize its trade with Afghanistan (Pakistan) and said: “We don’t want to put any pressure on our Afghan brothers in any way.”

The Foreign Minister also warned foreigners that India can create a “new banner.”

“This is also a drama like ‘Lecture 2’, which will eliminate interest in [Kashmir] suppression worldwide,” he said.

The Ministry also confirmed that the Samjhota Express train service between Pakistan and India will not continue.

In response to this question, Qureshi ordered a military strategy to deal with the impending crisis in India, saying that Pakistan is looking for “political, legal and legal” alternatives.

“[But] we have decided to stay alert and avoid any anger,” he said.

India will ask for a return and translation relationship in Pakistan
On the second day of Pakistan’s decision to end relations with New Delhi, the Indian Foreign Ministry issued a statement urging Islamabad to review its decision to “safeguard government communication channels”.

On Wednesday, the National Security Council (NSC) decided to cut international relations with India and stop foreign trade when it takes action in Kashmir, New Delhi.

The country’s largest security organization met for the second time in three days and recommended that the military continue to be vigilant. The committee met on Sunday, the day before India announced Article 370 to give Kashmir independence and ordered the valley to be divided into Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir.

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