October 17, 2019

Lahore Music Meet co-founder, Natasha Noorani makes it to Goethe Talents 2019

Lahore’s leading co-founder, Lahore concert, Natasha Norani will become the representative of Germany and Pakistan in August this year, becoming the only foreign musician of the 2019 Goethe Talent Program.

Noorani will be one of 10 musicians from all over the world to participate in the 10-day Goethe Talent Scholarship, which is scheduled to take place in Berlin from August 14th to 24th.

The ethnomusicologist selected by the Goethe-Institut International Network is a composer, playwright, festival director and music promoter from Lahore. His breakthrough EP, Munaasib (2018), shows his balance between contemporary R&B, new soul and avant-garde rock.

The singer’s collaboration with various Pakistani performances, including string and Biryani brothers, seems to be the best choice for the 2019 Goethe genius program.
The program is designed to support and connect with the artists they want. In the joint venture between Goethe-Institut and Pop-Kultur, the experts provided various resources for the “City of Music” before the Berlin party.

Noorani also starred in a sensational summer movie “Baaji” and starred as Meera singer “Ye Aaj Mujh Ko Kya Hua”. Affected by the Pakistani music company, and hope to release more music next year.

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