October 17, 2019

PM wonders if intl community will find the moral courage to prevent ‘genocide’ in occupied Kashmir

The Iranian prime minister asked on Thursday whether the international community had “courage” to stop a possible coup in Kashmir, India.

When Pakistan recalled the Indian Embassy in order to secure a special right to abandon the special status of Kashmir in New Delhi, the Prime Minister said that the country is looking forward to seeing how the Indian authorities will surrender Kashmir after fleeing earlier this week.

Note: From India to Bharat

“Is the People’s Party’s government considering using the army in the IOK against the Kashmiri, will it prevent the free movement?” Before answering this question, the Prime Minister asked: “The opportunity may end soon.”

He said that it should be “clear” that the international community will witness the “assassination” of Kashmiris who occupied Kashmir.

Prime Minister Imran sent a question when he posted a question: “We will see more excitement, this time in [JB] government clothing, or is there a courage in all countries to prevent this from happening?”

The Prime Minister’s tweet was to tell a group of moderators during a brief Kashmir ceremonies that US President Donald Trump intended to stop the dispute in Kashmir and “promoted” India to withdraw Article 370, which gave it a unique opportunity. Reception Kashmir. Reporter Amber Rahim Shamsi.

Briefly sharing the Prime Minister’s views on the matter, Shamsi told him that he was worried that the Kashmir massacre would force Kashmiri refugees to enter Pakistan with Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Fear of brutal killing, ethnic cleansing
On Wednesday, when the National Security Council announced its decision to ban India, Indian legislators condemned Kashmir’s actions against Indian President Narendra Modi at a joint parliamentary meeting.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmoud Qureshi also said that he is worried that India will “kill all kinds of” in Kashmir.

The supporters later voted unanimously in favor of the issue and stated that as part of the debate, there will be no change in New Delhi based on the UN’s view of Kashmir. It also asked India to make changes, expand visits and release all detainees in Kashmir.

The Indian authorities led the closure of Kashmir, while the Hindu-led government of New Delhi particularly respected its territory, including having its own laws – the right to be moved by Pakistan.

This change will include an increase in the ban on the purchase of land by non-Kashmiri residents and the creation and distribution of roads for Indians outside the country. The Muslim population fears that this may affect Kashmiri culture, culture and life.

The Indian government has closed many communications with Kashmir, including the Internet, mobile phones and the Internet. Due to concerns about the government uprising, some additional soldiers have been deployed to military bases. Since 1989, the armed forces have been fighting for Kashmir’s independence from India or alliance with Pakistan.

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