October 17, 2019

EU to resist Johnson’s ‘no-deal’ Brexit scare tactics

BRUSSELS: The diplomats said on Tuesday that the EU is preparing for a tough Brexit conversation with the United Kingdom, but the EU will stand firm while Prime Minister Boris Johnson poses his threat of “no trade.”

Johnson, who took office late last month, said he hopes to leave the EU by agreement, but insists that the current terms are unacceptable. If necessary, the United Kingdom will withdraw on October 31 and there is no agreement.

This situation can cause significant interruptions on both sides of the channel.

London insists that Brussels must renegotiate the key elements of the divorce agreement reached last year, especially the abandonment of the so-called “Irish support”. He has stepped up to prepare for the chaotic British “no deal” Brexit.

Johnson’s main Brexit negotiator, David Frost, held talks in Brussels last week, and a diplomat said the EU concluded that there is no basis for a “significant discussion.”

A senior diplomat warned after hearing the briefing of last week’s talks: “It is better to be prepared to ‘not trade’ because Boris Johnson is credible for this threat.” The fear of “not trading” tries to divide Europeans.

At present, the reunification of the 27 countries continues, but we must see, “he said.

“The question is who will retire first, because Boris Johnson follows the political logic to maintain power.” Danube Huber, a member of the Brexit Council of the European Parliament, said Johnson’s attempt to create “need” was not changed.

“The absolute commercial option (no) is a strategy. Sorry, it doesn’t work,” he wrote.

Teresa May, who was rejected by British lawmaker Michael Goff three times. The Johnson minister responsible for the plan without transactions accused the EU of refusing to negotiate.

“They just said ‘No, we don’t want to talk.’ I think it’s wrong and it’s sad. It doesn’t interest Europe.” But the spokeswoman for the European Commission, Annika Breidthardt, insists that if Boris Johnson wishes to discuss it in person or by phone. And to clarify his position, then President Jean-Claude Juncker can obtain it. “

An EU source said that Frost had reiterated at the meeting last week that they demanded that supporters be abandoned.

The “surgeons” agreement aims to open the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, an EU member state, but critics say Britain can link Britain to the Brussels rules for a long time after Brexit.

“It is not clear why the union will give Johnson something. He rejected Teresa May, and there is some sympathy for that,” said a European diplomat, predicting the seven countries he had in Biarritz at the end of August. There will be no substance before the group meeting, southwest of France.

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