October 17, 2019

CDWP okays 15 projects worth Rs32.5bn

Islamabad: The Central Development Working Group (CDWP) cleared 15 development projects worth Rs 32.5 billion on Tuesday.

The CDWP meeting was chaired by the newly appointed Vice President Planning Committee, Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan, who approved 12 small development projects at a total cost of Rs 14,500 million and recommended three Rs of 18 rupees to the Executive Committee of the National Economic Commission (Ecnec) approved.

Under the current tax authority, the CDWP can approve projects worth no more than Rs.3 billion, and once the CDWP deletes them for technical reasons, Ecnec approves projects with higher estimated costs.

The projects discussed involved energy, information technology, water resources, sanitation, science and technology, physical planning and housing, transportation and communications, nutrition and food and agriculture.

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The Ministry of Energy (Department of Electricity) has proposed three projects. The first 220kV Swabi substation with a value of Rs.5,826 million was recommended for Ecnec approval. The project aims to build an electrical website and related transmission lines to meet the demand for additional load and voltage conditions in the Swabi area of ​​the Industrial Zone of the Economic Corridor of China Pakistan.

The electricity sector has also proposed another project related to the energy sector, valued at Rs 5.77 billion for the 220kV Nawbshah substation. Both projects are recommended for approval by Ecnec.

The third project related to the energy sector, namely the acquisition of the 220kV mobile website and the emergency recovery system and the bypass reactor for the 500kV emergency service, valued at Rs 62.47 billion , was also submitted to Ecnec for approval.

The CDWP approved a water sector project called rehabilitation and modernization of the Islamic flood, valued at Rs 29.93 billion.

The meeting presented two projects related to the health sector. The first project ‘to provide X-ray and ultrasound machines at the AJK secondary health hospital’ was valued at 20 million rupees and was also approved by the CDWP.

The second project of the Ministry of Health Services, Regulations and Coordination to improve the supply and filling lines to improve the supply of vaccines and service stations to meet the standards of Good Manufacturing Practices of the National Institutes of Health of Islamabad, valued at Rs 10.28 million, also received approval from the CDWP.

The meeting presented three IT-related projects. The first project was “Expand broadband services with MSAN technology and upgrade IP cores and access networks by AJK and Gilgit Baltistan”, valued at Rs 1,540 million, approved by the CDWP. The second project “Expansion of the AJK and GB cellular service” was also approved for a value of Rs 279,000. The third project, the National Freelancer Training Program, was valued at Rs 367,169 million and was also approved at the meeting.

The CDWP presents two projects related to science and technology. The CDWP approved the first project “Establishment of an advanced technology center for biomedical materials” with a value of Rs 849,329 million. The second project to establish an industrial production facility for nanomaterials at the Latif Ebrahim Jamal Nanotechnology Center, the H.E.J. from the University of Chemistry of Karachi, it was also approved for a value of Rs 7,184.83.

The CDWP also approved the establishment of the Pakistan Urban Planning and Policy Center project proposed by the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform for a total cost of Rs 118.8 million.

The meeting also approved a project related to transport and communications entitled “Update and restoration of the existing 100-hour Hub-Dureji road, which includes a bridge from Bund Murad Balochistan” at an estimated cost of Rs 407.71 million.

The CDWP also approved the nutrition sector project “Nutrition gain project for the prevention of stunted growth and rehabilitation of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa”, valued at Rs 2,218 million. The CDWP also approved another project related to the food and agriculture sector, entitled “Promotion of the commercial scale of olive cultivation in Pakistan,” valued at Rs 2,320 million.

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