October 17, 2019

A path-maker in publishing, retailing, hospitality and education

Inspired by the vision of the Prime Minister of India’s development as a society based on knowledge and learning, Mr. Suneel Galgotia believes that providing quality education at an affordable cost is an important input for social and personal growth. Mr. Suneel Galgotia, educator, philanthropist and humanitarian, was born in New Delhi and completed his studies at the SRCC of the University of Delhi. It continues to build, develop and diversify its retail, publishing and hotel businesses worldwide. He is now the founder of one of the largest and most sought after universities in India. The unprecedented development of the University of Galgotias is the culmination of new technology courses, world-class high-tech campus, world-class faculty, including thought leaders and professionals, innovative technology teaching methods and unmatched corporate interaction. In the process of creating a global standard university, I appreciated some moments. One of our important moments was the Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, who awarded the University of Galgotias the Distinguished Academic Award. I strongly believe in our Prime Minister’s vision that knowledge and education are not limited to books. The purpose of education is to achieve balanced growth in all aspects of human beings, which is impossible without innovation. I see a large gap in the higher education sector and in more and more educational institutions, but the quality of education is completely poor. I want to build cutting-edge research and learning university and provide the best quality education for young people in the country by offering world-class courses and the latest industry preparation courses. Collaborate to bring together the best teachers from around the world.
Properly teaching students’ quality education and skills development will help increase the country’s total products, bring cultural wealth, establish a positive attitude towards the use of technology and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of governance. Education opens new horizons for people offers new aspirations and develops new values. Improve capabilities and develop commitments. Education, which takes advantage of today’s cutting-edge platforms, generates critical views of society and political reality in people and improves self-censorship, self-control and self-criticism is very important for today’s generation. The future educational agenda will be to empower people, guarantee a high quality of life and pave the way for a learning society. The new education system must be rooted in culture and committed to progress. My only advice for aspiring students is: you can be the best, you can do whatever you want in the future. Start now! So stand firm and focus. I strongly believe that hard work is irreplaceable. All students should always focus on the ultimate goal and work hard to achieve it, although with distractions, changes and obstacles for everyone. Dhruv Galgotia is a charismatic and original thinker who pioneered the transformation of the University of Galgotias into a research institute of excellence. As the youngest CEO of the University of India, Dhruv has been recognized by national and international celebrities for his innovative global education system.
Dhruv quickly tracked Galgotias’ growth trajectory by projecting pragmatism and idealism in work and life decisions. He is committed to international education in India and his work focuses on building a collaborative global education system to better promote academic excellence at the University of Galgotias. It also undertakes to provide students with a learning environment based on technology that develops their interests in the discipline. Dhruv Galgotia has always believed that the use of technology is a determining factor in ensuring that learning is maximized and effective. The use of artificial intelligence in education, Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things can amplify and improve students’ ability to learn, making the classroom an interesting and effective space.

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