October 17, 2019

How Helo connects digital India through content

The beloved former minister, Sushma Swaraj, died in Delhi on Tuesday night at the age of 67. When Narendra Modi was moved to tears, Narendra Modi visited her residence. A few hours after his 67-year-old death Wednesday morning, Rime’s minister, Narendra Modi, was moved to tears when she met Sushma Swaraj’s family at her residence.

On Wednesday night, when it was sent to AIIMS, Sushma Swaraj died of sudden cardiac arrest during a sudden development.

Swaraj was taken to AIIMS around 9:30 p.m. and was in critical condition and was taken directly to the emergency room where a team of doctors took care of her, but could not revitalize the much-loved former chancellor of the Modi government. As an application that connects users in 14 languages, Helo has played an important role in closing the information gap between Internet users for the first time by democratizing social networks regardless of language, country and religion. Last month, Helo completed his first year in India and announced that he has reached a milestone with more than 50 million active users per month. Without the overwhelming acceptance of the regional social media platforms of several Indian communities, this growth is impossible, and they can easily access the content they can reach in the language they are most familiar with.

As an application that connects users in 14 Indian languages, Helo is starting a regional social networking space, through the democratization of social networks, regardless of language, country and religion, to help close the information gap between Internet users for the first time. Social networks are no longer limited to following your friends and reading their updates and publications. Today, with applications like Helo, users can follow and interact with their favorite celebrities, follow program updates and get information from verified news platforms in the language they are most familiar with.

The content is the main attraction of Helo and leads to the rapid organic growth of the application. Helo offers users the ability to express their voices in local languages ​​and encourages them to create and share organic content through our frequent activities. It offers a variety of content categories, from entertainment, news, romance, humor, culture, education to sports, fashion, technology and lifestyle. With these easy-to-use features, the application guides users through the creation and exchange of publications.

To attract more users to content that is important to them, Helo actively works with brands and media that are popular with the public in specific regions.

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