October 17, 2019

Sushma Swaraj, the external affairs minister who never slept

The Wall Street Journal called it the most popular policy in India because it was desperate to concentrate on Indians in distress. MEA always represents India. She also supports the Indians.
Don’t sleep [and] I don’t let Indian envoys sleep, “Sushma Swaraj answered a journalist’s question and asked him to make unremitting efforts to help Indians stay anywhere in the world. Now, Sushma Swaraj closes his eyes forever. She’s dead. A heart attack on Tuesday night left a legacy of passionate politicians and humanitarian ministers.

When Sushma Swaraj became Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2014, many thought it was Prime Minister Narendra Modi who deliberately excluded competitors from internal affairs. Since the era of Jawaharlal Nehru, foreign affairs have been called by the Indian Prime Minister. PM Modi was no different during his first term. However, Sushma Swaraj left his own legacy at MEA.

Sushma Swaraj uses social networks, especially Twitter, a tool that can reach Indians who have been killed anywhere on the planet. Although his efforts saw Gurpreet Kaur land in a refugee camp with his 8-year-old daughter in Germany, the deaf Geeta, Uzma (Pakistan forced to marry under the gun) and Hamid’s return from Ansa, Pakistan Inside

These powerful human stories make Sushma Swaraj the mother of all Indians trapped in any corner of the world. She will be tagged in social media posts and she will respond with impeccable speed. Shortly after receiving the complaint, Sushma Swaraj will convene a special envoy from India in the country, regardless of the time and time. This custom of Sushma Swaraj forced the special envoy to bed when they turned on the phone.


Although Sushma Swaraj is popular with Indians and Indian citizens around the world, she has deftly addressed the political relationship with Prime Minister Modi. She is considered the “Leader of the Levani camp” and has made a smooth transition and has worked behind the scenes to prepare for the most obvious Prime Minister Modi on foreign tours and diplomatic relations.

This began in 2014, when PM Modi organized a charismatic charity event at Madison Square in New York, announcing that it was on the world stage. Modi occupied the spotlight, but Sushma Swaraj was already ahead of him, doing a basic job at the UN and letting the MEA team turn Modi’s trip into a sensational public relations success.

Sushma Swaraj will be remembered for his passionate political speech and will provide a human touch to the work of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs. (File photo)
Sushma Swaraj followed the same plan for Modi Pakistan’s visit in 2015, a visit to China in 2018 and a few weeks before Kyrgyz’s visit to Lok Sabha. She became the first Indian to address the guests to the Summit of the Indonesian Cooperation Organization (ICO). In addition, he did so before the boycott of Pakistan to the main member of the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Facing the Maldivian crisis, the blockade of Nepal, the confrontation between Dokram and China and the success of the Kulbhushan Jadhav case in the International Court of Justice are one of the main achievements of India’s foreign policy and the helm of Sushma Swaraj. However, the most memorable thing is that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs needs to be humanized.

Sushma Swaraj was so sensitive to the shameful calls of the Indians that a Twitter user complained about her about the refrigerator she bought in 2016. Her ingenious response defines what she did in her ministry: “Brother, I can’t help you solve the problem. Refrigerator. I’m very busy with people in trouble. “

He did not lose focus on the interests of India and still managed to put people at the center of his diplomatic universe. The Wall Street Journal described Sushma Swaraj as “the most popular policy in India” in 2017 because it helped Indians survive abroad.

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