October 17, 2019

Jammu and Kashmir news Updates: Over 100 arrested, including political leaders

Jammu and Kashmir lost their special status in historical development on Tuesday because parliament passed a resolution abolishing article 370 of the Constitution and passed a bill to divide the state into two federal territories. Congress was also divided on Tuesday because many leaders (mainly young) supported government actions, while the old guards backed by Rahul Gandhi opposed. At present, the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is calm and peaceful. Although a large number of troops and 144 are still deployed in the state, reverse osmosis and anti-terrorism networks of the Army are deployed in Los Angeles and inland. At the same time, Pakistan has responded largely to this movement by saying that it will take action and attack it at all levels, and in the afternoon, Imran Khan warned that India will have serious consequences. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who remains silent about development to date, can speak today in Rajya Sabha. After the parliament is over, Interior Minister Amit Shah can visit Kashmir. In a development early in the morning, the press conference of Lok Sabha President Om Birla was canceled after the death of former Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj. Continue to pay attention to India today. All real-time updates of news records and parliamentary meetings of Jammu and Kashmir. The Maldives government decided to revoke article 370 of the Constitution in India: Maldives considers that the Indian government’s decision on article 370 of the Constitution of India is an internal matter. We believe that each sovereign state has the right to modify its laws as necessary. President Ramnako Covent reported 370 statements and eliminated the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

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